Since its foundation on 1987, Natick has been dedicated to importing and commercializing raw materials, packaging materials, industrial supplies, equipment and its parts in general.

Natick offers high quality solutions, at competitive costs and with deliveries in the shortest possible time. Serving the industries of food, soft drinks and beverages, liquors, sugar, soaps and detergents, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and agricultural.

The experience of many years has made us one of the preferred ally for the industry in Venezuela. With our own purchasing offices in the United States (Centak Enterprises, Inc) we have developed strong commercial relations with important manufacturers and suppliers, as well as with financial entities and international banking.

We develop different business models that adapt to the changing conditions of the Venezuelan market, always seeking the highest efficiency and the most competitive prices for our clients.

We commercialize high quality products and services and advanced technology, for the development of the industry in general in a sustainable way, surpassing the expectations of our interest groups.

To be the leaders in the commercialization of products and services
for the industry, with an entrepreneurial, innovative and excellence spirit.

Values and principles
Teamwork - Integrity - Commitment

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+58 212 261 51 16

261 53 43

263 51 63

Avenida Francisco de Miranda, Edificio Palmira piso 5, Oficina 16

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